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21 Things You Learn With Your Own Home.

21 Things You Learn With Your Own Home.


We've had our house for about 5 months now and we finally finished all the construction work and all the shopping and all the decorating in April. It doesn't matter if you've lived away from home before, been a student, whatever...nothing prepares you for having your own place and all the tiny random things you learn. 

1. You will barter with your SO/housemates over who's jobs are who's based on the one you hate the most. 

2. Having your own TV is better than sex. Yeah I said it. 

3. The most essential things in a home are the most expensive; think beds, wardrobes and sofas. 

4. The things you don't need in a home are the cheapest and you end up buying so many because #bargains you spend more than you spent on your sofa; think plants, candles and blankets. 

5. Dust collects 2 seconds after you've dusted. 

6. Cheese is expensive and every week you'll consider not buying it because it's causing you bankruptcy. But you will because cheese. 

7. Actually you were wrong as a student - you can't get away with not ironing everything ever. You looked like a tramp. 

8. You'll forget which day the bins go out every fortnight and only remember at 1am the day before and have to take them out in the dark. You'll swear to remember next time. You won't. 

9. Hoovers have 302849387483 functions and you'll only ever bother to learn about one. 

10. Cleaning bathrooms is the worst. 

11. You actually kinda like making proper meals but you'll definitely have to ring your Mum to ask how long you can freeze a chicken for or the best way to get dog hair out the stairs carpet. 

12. Turkey dinosaurs and potato waffles make for a healthy staple in your freezer at all times. 

13. You will spend a horrific amount of money on curtains. WHY IS SOMETHING SO ESSENTIAL SO EXPENSIVE. 

14. You will start out by thinking you'll just do work to what is necessary to the house to make it habitable but the more work you do the more the rest of the house will look drab and before you know it you're 20 grand down but have a whole new house. 

15. People wearing shoes into your house will grate on your very soul. 

16. You'll start out by saying you'll eat your meals together at the table to talk about your day but 3 weeks in and you're on the sofa with a tray watching TV in silence. 

17. Toilet roll is expensive. For no reason. 

18. Nobody will change your clocks for you and for 2 days of the year it'll be like you're living in a different time zone until you sort it out. 

19. Cleaning becomes surprisingly satisfying. 

20. Things that were once important to you will leave your brain and in it's place will be things like how annoying it is that mugs leave a ring on your coasters or how important it is that your curtains hang just right. 

21. You're basically a child and you need adult supervision to perform all homely tasks. 















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