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How Do I Even Make A Difference?

How Do I Even Make A Difference?

***Update. This was written and scheduled yesterday but I had to add this in after having to turn off social media because legit Twitter brings out the worst in people on nights like this and I detest humanity.

If you find the films difficult to watch or consider it 'not child friendly' to watch a baby die - get some fucking perspective. A child died and whether you deem it appropriate or not to show on TV, this is the reality, this is why they need your money. 

If you're not finding comic relief funny tonight, switch it off and get your arse of Twitter. Don't sit there complaining how unfunny it is, don't get air time on social media because lol you wrote a sarky tweet people related to. It's not important how funny YOU personally find it, donate some money and stfu. 

It's Comic Relief night and obvs everyone is eagerly awaiting Love Actually and Take That Carpool Karaoke but also obviously, there's a more important message at heart other than can James Corden reach dem high notes (yes) and who's aged best (obvs Liam Neeson). 

I always watch Comic Relief, Sport Relief, Children In Need etc etc and every year I have the same moral dilemma; what difference can I actually make? 

When you watch the films of children in Liberia, of lonely elderly people in the UK, of children dying, of people suffering from things that can be easily prevented I think all of us have a little recheck of our moral compass. 

I know I re-evaluate my problems, my first world issues, the things that I put so much energy into feeling stressed about, feeling like my world is ending. 

Nights like this, films like this make me want to cuddle my clever, happy, clean, safe little niece closer, make me want to send all my money to people who need it, to physically go and help someone, to just do SOMETHING.

And then that's when I feel so small, so helpless, so little. How on earth can just me make a difference when ONE THOUSAND people a day die of malaria. One thousand. And just me. 

I'm not Ed Sheeran, I'm not a celeb, I don't have XYZ amount of money who can donate a real life changing amount and help countless people. I can't go out with Comic Relief to film a film to make people donate millions. 

I'm just me, with very little disposable income, stuck in Wales wondering wtf I can do. 

And then. 

Then I just have to remember, there's A LOT of us who feel like this. A lot of us who haven't got a clue what to do, how to help, feeling helpless that we can't provide something life changing for someone. 

And that's the absolute key to it. We CAN make a life changing amount when we're all at it... By chucking in 20 quid if you can spare it, a fiver if you can spare it, volunteering for a local Comic Relief funded cause...whatever it might be- if we're all doing something, we DO achieve something. 

Whack on Comic Relief tonight, drop them a text whilst you're watching, do a little something and make a lot of difference. 



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