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How To Make The Most Of A 3 Day Weekend.

How To Make The Most Of A 3 Day Weekend.

  That  Instagram walk. Again. 

That Instagram walk. Again. 

Right so admittedly this weekend is your average two day event but we've just come out of a 4 day week and whadda ya know - May spoils us with not one but two Bank Holidays. 

I feel like the weekends pass us by week on week, we recuperate from our jobs, we hibernate, we have duvet days and film nights and we do chores and sometimes bish bash bosh it's Monday again and we have that overwhelming feeling that it's passed us by. 

That all changes when it comes to a Bank Holiday weekend. Suddenly we're all for making the most of that extra day, we're rushing around the countryside visiting 329238489374 family members, we're spending every evening out at a different pub with different friends, we cram as much in as humanly possible.

I was going to write a post on 'Things to do on your Bank Holiday' but uhhhh turns out I wrote one of those last August. 

So instead I thought I'd re share my Bank Holiday ideas and just in case, my rainy day tips too;

This Bank Holiday weekend I think I'll actually be trying to relax. The Easter weekend was absolute madness for me (more coming on my next Friday Favs) where I DID cram in 398214732 visits with family and friends combined with lots of chocolate and rugby and whilst it was glorious, I have been paying for it this week. I'm exhausted. 

The second weekend of May I'm actually away (hello two 4 day weeks in a row). It's my anniversary so we're taking a long weekend break to North Devon for some views of the sea and mini golf and hopefully some proper fish and chips. Because we're awake that weekend I'll probably spend the Bank Holiday getting my life sorted, making sure work and blogging is up to date before our mini break and maybe even thinking about packing. What I intend NOT to do is rush around, push myself to do too much and therefore spend my weekend away absolutely knackered and sleeping through most of it. 

What're your Bank Holiday plans?














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