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Things I've Grown Out Of.

Things I've Grown Out Of.


I'll be 25 in October. My mid twenties. I will have left the 18-24 bracket for voting. I've grown up a lot (and haven't really grown up a lot at all). There's a lot in my 25 years that's stuck with me, like my nut allergy and my ability to sing Smack That by Akon, but some things I've definitely grown out of - and I don't just mean my babygros. 

1. Being scared home alone. 

I have never been home alone in my 24 and a bit years until last month but I've never wanted to either. I've always been terrified of being home alone, we live quite rurally, I'm certain I'll be killed or kidnapped but when I actually did it.....I wasn't snatched a la Taken after all. 

2. Watching TV. 

Long gone are the days I actually used to sit down and just watch TV. Whilst I still watch 927348364726 programmes a night I simply can't be doing nothing else. If it ain't just absentmindedly scrolling social media then it's my blogging time - writing content, editing photos, scheduling tweets, fixing broken links (lol as if) and about a million other jobs.  

3. Talking on the phone. 

Or like more accurately not talking on the phone. I used to never speak to people on the phone, I'd get my Mum to phone anyone and everyone I had to speak to. Going to uni and having to sort my own shit out forced me to get out of that habit and now if you need someone to phone for you; I'm your gal. 


4. Marmite, soup and sandwich paste.

Also eaten frozen peas still frozen, apples only ever peeled, pomegranate and a million other things. There are some things I was into as a kid that make me want to vom these days (marmite being the biggest one). These days get me butter on barely toasted bread and I'll love you for days. 

5. Using the word 'safe'.

I don't think I need an explanation. 

6.  Trying to make people like me. 

And more specifically people who already don't like me. I used to make it my mission in school to get in with people I knew didn't like me for whatever reason. I'd put so much energy in being SO nice to people who didn't like me, never liked me and still don't like me. No more my friend. 


7. Crimping. 

So appaz crimping of your hair is back in fashion these days, like everything from the 90s early 00s but I have long grown out for it. I still had my trusty crimpers when people had moved onto curlers or GHDs. Mine were Babyliss in case you were wondering. 

8. Sleeping on friends floors. 

The amount of times I've slept on someones carpet, in their conservatory, on someone's freezing cold flagstone floors is beyond me. These days I'm all about at least a sofa or preferably a spare bed (or more accurately just driving myself home to my own bed <3)

9. Drinking. 

I never really drank but I'd have like one or two if we went clubbing or I'd nurse something at a friends house if we had a house party. These days I don't even bother with that, I never liked it anyway. I shall be your designated driver until the end of time. 

10. Reality TV. 

Hahahahahahahahaha just kidding. 













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