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Tiny Home Improvements For Autumn.

Tiny Home Improvements For Autumn.

Dyffryn Gardens.

Dyffryn Gardens.

No it's not my house and yes I wish it was. 

A new season means a lot of new changes in my life; from my own development, my goals, my bullet journal, my work, my blog, my outfits and home. I feel like the great spring clean as lovely as it is puts too much pressure on one season and I always try and do a bit of summin summin to my home before Winter rolls in. 

You know the scenario, Christmas comes around again and you're too busy wrapping and frantically searching recipes and you suddenly remember you've got 20 guests on the big day and that house job you planned to do in October never got done. Cue panic. 

1. Deep clean. 

No nobody enjoys it but yes it makes a massive difference when it's done. This is the best time to do that big clean of the year before the cold sets in. Get the windows and doors wide open to let in the crisp air and get cleaning. Move every piece of furniture, wash all the glass, bleed the radiators, hoover within an inch of your life and just get the house brand spanking new before all you want to do is cuddle up on the sofa with a hot chocolate. 

2. 'Those' jobs. 

You know the ones. The hooks on the back of the door that have been upside down for months. The touching up of the paintwork you said you'd do in June. Changing the light bulbs so you can actually see at night. Screwing the wonky door handle back on. The little jobs you just never have the time to get round and fix - take a whole weekend and just get them done, the new year will feel so much better when the house is looking tip top. 

3. Cosy up. 

It's getting colder, I think we've all felt that this week so take some time to make the house cosy for Autumn/Winter 2017. Been meaning to change the curtains in the bedroom for the past year? Now is your chance to invest in some black out lining and thick warm drapes to keep you toasty when there's a storm outside. Clean out the chimney if a real fire in the living room is all you're dreaming about, invest in those dimmer lights you wish you'd had last Christmas, wash the carpets and check the windows for drafts. 

4. New furnishings. 

I mean it is Autumn so all the blankets and cushions are just a requirement to get us through right? Snap up a big ol fluffy rug for your hallway so your feet at toasty when you get home, buy all the throws and cable knit cushions and blankets. Oh and definitely get yourself some cotton sheets and a high tog duvet and some super thick bedding cos you need to be a burrito after all. 

5. Tackle the kitchen. 

The worst room aside from maybe the bathroom no? The kitchen is just a minefield of draws you don't want to open because there's like 148983758 things you don't use in there. When you've got all the family round for Christmas and you're trying to find the turkey basting tool whilst covering all the surfaces with every pan you own you'll be thankful for the time you took out to organise cupboards, defrost the freezer and do The. Dreaded. Oven. Clean. 

6. Get outdoors. 

If you're in any way green fingered then there's loads of outdoor jobs you're supposed to be doing right about now. I mean, I don't know what they are because I'm not remotely garden minded but hey, I at least know you're supposed to be doing them. What you can do though is clean out the gutters before they get clogged up with autumn leaves, clean off the porch, de weed the paths, and plant up the pots with Spring bulbs. 

7. Pictures worth 1000 words. 

Oh there's nothing like a good picture wall is there? I think hanging photos and prints is one of the most satisfying jobs and one that makes the biggest impacts on your home. Change up the photos that are in your pre existing frames, pop up some arty prints full of Autumn themes, get alllll the gold frames and create something you LOVE that brings you joy every time you come home. 

8. Seasonal shift. 

There is no excuse better than a new season to buy all the homeware. It's Autumn it is perfectly acceptable for you to get your hands on all the candles you can get your hands on, alongside the tartan cushions and all the pumpkin themed goodies you can get your hands on. Bonus points if you can work in some pinecones and real logs too. 

Shop homeware for Autumn!

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