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What Exactly Is Micro Blogging?

What Exactly Is Micro Blogging?


Let's cut this short - I don't know. 











Imagine if that was the end of the blog post? 

If you Google what micro blogging is the definition comes up as the following; 


noun: micro-blogging
the activity or practice of making short, frequent posts to a microblog.
”microblogging allows anyone with something to say to find an audience”

But if you Google the rise of the micro influencer you'll find a series of articles about how 'micro' bloggers are those with a each of 10,000 to 100,000 followers. A little disparity no? 

Micro blogging is a relatively new term, I'm sure you've only heard it in the last year I'm sure and I think we all have our own opinions on exactly what it is. 

For me, micro blogging has always been a different form of blogging. To me, blogging is this platform, it's 500+ words, a couple of photos and something more constructed and formal. Micro blogging is a much more informal way of sharing opinions and ideas and sharing your life online in my opinion. Micro blogging to me is Instagram, it's Insta stories, it's captions with more real life and just the fun day to day things that happened. It's your Twitter feed, it's your way of sharing things without a formal blog post. 

That's always been my opinion until someone mentioned the key figures of 10-100K. 

So now micro influencers are those who have between 10 and 100 thousand followers. They're not the big guns with 10 million, they're not the ones charging 3 grand for an Instagram post but maybe they'll cost you a coupla hundred quid. 

They're considered more 'niche' than the more famous influencers because they're likely to have more engaged followers. These days micro influencers are becoming the most valuable influencers to work with. So that's micro blogging then? 

I dunno, I feel like bloggers with that size following are the middle ground. They're not the big names that make 50K a month salary, maybe they don't even blog full time, but they're not the rest of us average joe's either. 

My social media statistics definitely don't reflect the statistics my blog has but I know they're still healthy but hell they're not in the 100K mark. Yet I have engaged followers who take note of what I say and take on board my opinion of something. I have engaged followers who look at a recommendation I give and go looking for it. But I'm not a micro influencer as the industry names me? 

I feel like we need a new name, a new term for the littler bloggers with the big power, for the middle ground bloggers with the bigger following, we need something to symbolise the fact we're ALL influencers, whatever the stats on our social media says. 

If a micro blogger is someone with 10-100K followers then I sure as hell don't know what I am. 


What does the term micro blogger mean to you? 












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