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What's In My Suitcase.

What's In My Suitcase.

I'm off on my mini travels today for 5 days crashing the family holiday in Dorset and as I was packing last night I thought this would be a good chance to see if I actually followed my own advice when it came to mini break packing....

So here's what really made the cut for 4 nights away from home......


Guess who overpacked? This gal did. I said you should limit yourself to one pair of pants per day plus a spare and look here I am with a classy 7. I also said one pair of socks per day and a spare yet someone EIGHT pairs for 5 days away made their way into my suitcase plus a 2 pairs of tights.....good job they're only small. I do stand firm on the bras though - lord knows you need one of every colour to go under the right tops. 

What isn't pictured;

The pair of pink trainer socks I sneaked into my case after I took these photos. 


I think I did pretty good here considering the weather forecast is all over the shop. It's a very heady mix of absolutely pissing it down or blazing sunshine so I have had to cover for all eventualities. 2 pairs of jeans for rain, 1 pair of shorts and nice light trousers for sun and a pair of leggings for comfort. Not that I'll wear them outside because they're Primark and there for - see through. I also packing 2 dresses cos appaz that's who I am now even though I professed to hate dresses last month.

What isn't pictured; 

The pair of jeans I'll be wearing tomorrow making it a cool 3 pairs for 5 days away (and 5 other options). Also not pictured, trackie bottoms for lazing around the cottage. 


I feel like 5 t shirts might be excessive with the vest tops and the shirts but hey, the weather doesn't know what it's doing and at least they roll up tiny right? I went for the classic combo of cardigans of every colour which I am fine with and seriously why on earth do I have to be packing jumpers in July plz?

What isn't pictured;

The other 2 vest tops and shirt I had rolling around in the tumble drier to dry before packing. Also rain coat, light weight coat and leather jacket cos girl can never have too many coat options (contrary to my packing list.)


Obvs the bullet journal is the most important thing. Misc items are always my favourite, who knows what treasures you'll find? I'm actually pretty happy with my toiletries (even though it might look a little ahem, excessive for 4 nights) because I went as small as I could with most things, de cantering things into 100ml bottles and only taking amounts I needed. I sadly have a million and one allergies that require many tablets, creams, more tablets and more creams hence the enormity of my collection but that's just a curse I have to live by. I broke my makeup and jewellery down to the bare basics of what I wear every day and remembered the essentials like my hair towel (life changing) and a small handbag for when I cba to carry everything. 

What isn't pictured; 

  • Actual handbag
  • 5 pairs of shoes
  • Pillow
  • Laptop
  • Chargers 
  • Food
  • Books
  • Map
  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Music
  • Notebooks
  • Pens
  • Umbrella
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera


Basically all the important stuff then........

Verdict - 

Well I plain didn't listen to myself did I? I packed late at night, didn't think about what goes with what, bunged it all in and hoped for the best. But hey, it all went into one suitcase and I *do* have the car so more room for more snacks? -insert angel emoji here- 






Don't forget I'll be offline for the first few days of this month revamping my blog - make sure to stay in touch (and don't forget about me plz) 

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