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Where I Got My Accessories & Decorations | Homeware Edit

Where I Got My Accessories & Decorations | Homeware Edit


Did I or did I not promise you homeware posts every week of September? This should have been scheduled for when I was away or like preferably last Thursday but hey, life doesn't turn out like that does it? 

Instead I am typing this from the end of a very long table surrounded by other bloggers also typing away. More on that to come (or follow our hashtag #BloggersPitB) but for today, here's where I got the finer things in my home; the decorations, nick nacks and pretty bits. 


I mentioned my love for Matalan in my 'where I got my furniture' blog post but I got more homeware bits from there than I did big pieces. Matalan is cheap and friendly but it's really good quality and their kitchen stuff is mint. We got a lot from Matalan, both when we moved and some stuff I've collected from birthdays over the years. From clocks to wine glasses, latte spoons (anyone else struggle to find those) to blankets. One thing I found with Matalan is their kitchenware is really good, from the basic stuff like dish drainers to their crockery and glassware. Definitely my most recommended place and often much nicer than you might think. 

Talking Tables;

The guys at Talking Tables are some of my favourites and a testament to their brand is I use some of it in my home. It's definitely not just party wear (although that's pretty good too) and some of the decorations they've sent me over the past year for blog posts have now been made into permanent features in my living room. We have a star LED light on our windowsill, loads of fairy lights and bunting and like half of our Christmas decorations are from TT too. There'll be some interiors posts coming up after this weekend so keep your eye out for that...


Obviously. Not just for furniture Ikea is full of goodies for your house. You know the stuff, the things you NEED but like have no use for ever and just makes your place look cute. They have a bit of everything from filament lightbulbs and lamps to cacti to all your soft furnishing needs. I naturally have like 20 Ikea plants and therefore 945849 plant holders which they do really well and all my bedding is from there now too. Cushions wise idk why you'd look anywhere else unless you're collecting them from sentimental places. For like 50p you can get a square cushion and then they have loads of cover options to fit and we filled our beds and sofas (much to Joss' annoyance). Also really good for small storage pieces and clocks/photo frames that won't break the bank. 


Ohhhhh cheap and cheerful old Wilko. I feel like it maybe has a bad rep because it CAN be a bit cheap but I really find it perfect for the little bits in a home. I actually really like their lamp selection and it's super cheap and I picked up a few that were really similar to Ikea's versions but like half the price. I also like their crockery and we got all our coasters and placemats from there too. Also not strictly homeware and decorations but one to note - their bath towels are pretty good too. 


I find Dunelm a bit pricey these days so I don't shop there as much as I used to back when I started university but for storage I think they're top notch. Think baskets or small wooden boxes or just your standard plastic storage to stick under the bed I think Dunelm does them really well. Also if you are in the market for the slightly more expensive side of high street then Dunelm's bathroom ranges are to die for. 


Other cheap favs include Tiger (or Flying Tiger or whatever they're called now), Primark, New Look and B&M Bargains. 













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