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Home Office Wishlist | April 2018.

Home Office Wishlist | April 2018.


Bore da cariad! 

I am changing up my little blog for the next working week with a little homeware edit every day. I am running on empty lately being so busy in my life and my blog is falling behind so I wanted to schedule some content to tide me over this week when I jetset off again on a mini UK break.

It's a year this month since Joss and I finished decorating our house and got it exactly the way we wanted it, and the way it stands now and also obvs April is the perfect time for spring cleaning, or changing your living situation up a bit. 

With that in mind I decided to do a homeware edit for 5 rooms of your house full of all the stuff I'd buy if we were starting our place from scratch.

This morning's wish list is geared around your home office/study/studio/spare room/blogging area/desk space. Most people granted do not have the luxury of a designated office space but chances are you're dreaming about one or you've managed to stick an Ikea desk in the corner of your spare bedroom and you're making do. 

I myself have an office at my parents house which is where I run my business from and Joss has a desk space in our spare room so I am pretty well versed in the 'study' kinda space. My office is much more packing boxes and books than white Pinterest walls and cute prints but a girl an dream can't she? This wish list is all the stuff I wish I could have in my make believe Insta worthy studio space...



All items marked with an * are affiliate links. For any purchase you make using them, I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.  

1. Great Trading Co desk tidy - £24.00 from John Lewis*

2. Weekly planner clipboard - £2.00 from Hema. 

3. Copper globe - £15.00 from Asda*

4. Retro letter board - £10.00 from Hema. 

5. Cream Woven Throw- £15.00 from Matalan. 

6. Candle coaster - £9.00 from Hema. 

7. Black table lamp - £55.00 from Oliver Bonas*

8. Silver mirror lamp - £30.00 from Wilko. 

9. Cream faux Mongolian cushion - £10.00 from Wilko. 

10. Set of 2 freestanding vases - £40.00 from John Lewis*

11. Textured table lamp - £25.00 from Wilko. 

12. Cork Frame - £2.00 from Ikea. 

13. Copper effect wall clock - £6.00 from Wilko. 

14. Rope waste paper basket - £6.00 from Asda*

15. Heart shaped cushion - £16.00 from La Redoute*

16. Greenburg Chair - £129.99 from Matalan.

17. Wooden calendar - £5.00 from Asda*

18. Indigo Nights agate bookend - £17.50 from Paperchase. 

19. Acorn Pals pencil pot - £12.00 from Paperchase. 

20. Wooden desk tidy - £24.00 from John Lewis*

21. Two pack cardboard storage boxes - £8.00 from Hema. 

22. Baby blue metal basket - £9.00 from Hema.

23. Power Up mug - £12.00 from Oliver Bonas*

24. Memo board - £12.00 from Matalan. 

25. Swivel desk chair - £45.00 from Ikea. 

26. Fabric storage box - £12.00 from Matalan. 

27. Leaf print cushion cover - £7.00 from Hema.

28. Black desk - £150.00 from Ikea. 

29. House letter rack - £6.00 from Asda*

30. Continents wall art poster - £75.00 from Oliver Bonas*

31. Sunburst photo frame - £7.50 from Paperchase. 

32. Monochrome grey and black rug - £50.00 from Wilko. 

33. Rope storage basket - £30.00 from House of Fraser*












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